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Trivia Quiz - Brigham Young: Morman Leader and Explorer

Brigham Young was a modern Moses, according to the Latter Saints. What do you know about his life, career and teachings?

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Date Submitted: September 01, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Brigham Young

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Brigham Young Morman Leader and Explorer
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1. Young was born to a farming family in what state?
  A.   Kentucky
  B.   Missouri
  C.   California
  D.   Vermont

2. While in jail awaiting trial for alleged treason charges, this man, president of the church, was killed by an armed mob in 1844(Nauvoo, Illinois). Who was he?
  A.   Jim Bridger
  B.   Hyrum Smith
  C.   Joseph Smith Jr.
  D.   Joseph Calvin

3. Where did Young lead the Mormons after their leader was killed in Illinois?
  A.   Israel
  B.   Utah
  C.   California
  D.   Florida

4. To what political position was Young appointed, in part because of his founding of Salt Lake City?
  A.   Utah territory's first governor
  B.   Prince of the Rockies by Queen Victoria
  C.   Cardinal of the United States by the Vatican
  D.   US Senator of Colorado

5. Pioneer Day in the Mormon Church celebrates what key event in the formation of the early church?
  A.   Morman arrival in Utah
  B.   The journey to the Winter Quarters, Nebraska
  C.   Escape from persecution in Illinois into Mexico
  D.   The ascendency of Joseph Smith to leadership

6. How many wives did Young take as a Morman Leader?
  A.   5
  B.   37
  C.   54
  D.   66

7. How many children did Young have?
  A.   56
  B.   36
  C.   28
  D.   40

8. What happened to the Fancher party in Utah in 1857?
  A.   Massacred by Mormons and American Indians.
  B.   Snowed in and resorted to cannibalism.
  C.   They fled the Mormons, and built a commune in Califormia.
  D.   They converted enmass to Mormonism willingly in Salt Lake City.

9. In 1875, just two years before his death, Young founded a college, which later became:
  A.   University of Utah
  B.   University of Deseret
  C.   Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  D.   Brigham Young University

10. Where is the Hill Cumorah pageant celebrated each year?
  A.   Salt Lake City, Utah
  B.   Palmyra, NY
  C.   Jeruselum, Isreal
  D.   Cairo, Egypt®   

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