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Trivia Quiz - Patron Saints

Match the given patron saints with their area of responsibility. We've got all the patron saint trivia right here!

Quiz Number: 3704
Date Submitted: December 21, 2010
Quiz Categories: Christianity, Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Patron Saints
(Image Source: St. Bernadino of Siena)

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1. St Jude is the patron saint of what?
  A.   printers
  B.   doctors
  C.   children
  D.   lost causes

2. What modern invention is St Clare the patron saint of?
  A.   television
  B.   radio
  C.   electricity
  D.   lighting

3. St Dymphna provides solace to sufferers of what condition?
  A.   cancer
  B.   mental illness
  C.   baldness
  D.   incontinence

4. St Luke is the patron saint of what profession?
  A.   doctors
  B.   carpenters
  C.   housewives
  D.   thieves

5. St Fiacre is the patron saint of what?
  A.   politicians
  B.   venereal disease
  C.   pawnbrokers
  D.   sailors

6. St Michael helps which of the following?
  A.   policemen
  B.   cooks
  C.   children
  D.   miners

7. St Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of which group?
  A.   physicians
  B.   the deaf
  C.   florists
  D.   students

8. St Peter looks kindly on which of the following?
  A.   carpenters
  B.   fishermen
  C.   architects
  D.   builders

9. St Giles is the patron saint of which group?
  A.   miners
  B.   tax collectors
  C.   the lame
  D.   firemen

10. St Christopher is the guiding light for which group?
  A.   undertakers
  B.   astronomers
  C.   dentists
  D.   travellers®   

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