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Quizzes submitted by AllieBug

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 The Facts of LifeAmerican TV Sitcoms  AllieBug77674.9
2 Gimme A Break! BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms  AllieBug29665.2
3 Good Times: Dy-no-mite 70s Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  AllieBug1,35976.2
4 Grease 2: The Music & Feeling Go On!Musical Movies  AllieBug31473.8
5 Grease: Fun Facts!Musical Movies  AllieBug77877.8
6 Laverne & Shirley: Beer-Making Single Babes!American TV Sitcoms  AllieBug38161.3

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