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Trivia Quiz - Good Times: Dy-no-mite 70s Sitcom!

Basic trivia on the 70s sitcom, Good Times! -AllieBug

Quiz Number: 1065
Date Submitted: April 13, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: AllieBug
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Good Times Dy no mite 70s Sitcom
(Image Source: Good Times Cast)

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1. The character of Florida Evans originated on what other TV sitcom?
  A.   "All in the Family"
  B.   "Maude"
  C.   "The Jeffersons"
  D.   "Sanford and Son"

2. The show was set in what city?
  A.   Chicago
  B.   Detroit
  C.   St, Louis
  D.   Harlem

3. Florida's close friend and neighbor, who was known to gossip, was named:
  A.   Willamena
  B.   Wilma
  C.   Winifred
  D.   Willona

4. Nathan Bookman was the building's superintendent. Sometimes the tenants called him a certain unflattering nickname. What was it?
  A.   Big Balooka
  B.   Buffalo Butt
  C.   Blubber Butt
  D.   Big Buffoon

5. Janet Jackson played the part of whom?
  A.   Thelma Evans
  B.   Yvonne Walters
  C.   Diana Buchanan
  D.   Penny Gordon

6. J.J. was falsely arrested on his 18th birthday for what?
  A.   stealing art supplies
  B.   robbing a liquor store
  C.   shooting a gang member
  D.   dealing drugs

7. There's an alcoholic in the neighborhood who the Evans' family befriends and cleans up. His name is _______ the Wino.
  A.   Willy
  B.   Eddie
  C.   Ned
  D.   Buddy

8. How did James die?
  A.   in a car accident
  B.   he had a heart attack
  C.   an explosion at work
  D.   murdered

9. How did Florida meet her second husband, Carl Dixon?
  A.   he was a friend of James
  B.   at a disco
  C.   he was Michael's boss
  D.   on a blind date

10. Carl and Florida relocated to what state?
  A.   Arizona
  B.   California
  C.   New York
  D.   Florida®   

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