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Trivia Quiz - Calling all Julie London fans

Trivia for anyone who, like me, is a fan of the singer and actress Julie London

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Date Submitted: January 22, 2020
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, Music, Movies, Movie Stars, Jazz and Blues, Singers, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: rocketgirl
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Quiz is about: Julie London

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Calling all Julie London fans
(Image Source: Julie London @ All About Jazz)

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1. When was Julie born, and where?
  A.   September 26, 1926 in Santa Rosa, CA
  B.   October 18, 1918 in Philadelphia, PA
  C.   February 7, 1924 in San Bernadino, CA
  D.   January 15, 1922 in Helena, MT

2. In what film was Julie's first main role?
  A.   The Red House
  B.   Crime Against Joe
  C.   Nabonga
  D.   The Girl Can't Help It

3. Who did Julie marry in 1947, the father of her two elder daughters?
  A.   Arthur Hamilton
  B.   Jack Webb
  C.   Bobby Troup
  D.   Robert Fuller

4. When was Julie's first album, Julie Is Her Name, released?
  A.   December 1955
  B.   April 1954
  C.   May 1956
  D.   November 1956

5. When did Julie marry Bobby Troup?
  A.   February 7, 1957
  B.   September 26, 1960
  C.   October 18, 1956
  D.   December 31, 1959

6. How many children and stepchildren did Julie have?
  A.   four children, two stepchildren
  B.   five children, two stepchildren
  C.   four children, one stepchild
  D.   six children, one stepchild

7. For which of her movies did Julie write and perform the title song?
  A.   Saddle The Wind
  B.   A Question of Adultery
  C.   Voice In The Mirror
  D.   The Red House

8. What job was Julie working when she was discovered by talent agent Sue Carol?
  A.   elevator operator
  B.   saleswoman
  C.   nightclub singer
  D.   waitress

9. How many times did Julie appear on the game show What's My Line as the mystery celebrity?
  A.   one
  B.   two
  C.   three
  D.   four

10. When did Julie pass away?
  A.   February 7, 1999
  B.   October 18, 2000
  C.   September 26, 2001
  D.   December 31, 1998®   

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