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Trivia Quiz - TV House Servants

This quiz contains names of servants, butlers or maids who played in various TV shows. Pick the correct actor or actress who played the part. -Bill

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Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
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Author: bill
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TV House Servants
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1. Hazel on Hazel
  A.   Ann B. Davis
  B.   Nancy Walker
  C.   Shirley Booth
  D.   Yvonne DeCarlo

2. Florida Evans on Maude
  A.   Esther Rolle
  B.   Marla Gibbs
  C.   Mabel King
  D.   Shirley Hemphill

3. Mr. French on Family Affair
  A.   Bernard Fox
  B.   Pat McCormick
  C.   Wally Cox
  D.   Sebastian Cabot

4. Alice Nelson on The Brady Bunch
  A.   Ann B. Davis
  B.   Nancy Walker
  C.   Betty Garrett
  D.   Betty White

5. Benson on Soap
  A.   Ron Glass
  B.   Nipsey Russell
  C.   Robert Guillaume
  D.   Demond Wilson

6. Florence on The Jeffersons
  A.   Esther Rolle
  B.   Shirley Hemphill
  C.   Mabel King
  D.   Marla Gibbs

7. Mildred on McMillan and Wife
  A.   Estelle Getty
  B.   Kaye Ballard
  C.   Nancy Walker
  D.   Martha Raye

8. Wishbone on Rawhide
  A.   Paul Brinegar
  B.   Robert Cabal
  C.   Bill Daly
  D.   James Murdock

9. Lurch on The Addams Family
  A.   Jackie Coogan
  B.   Fred Gwynne
  C.   Dan Blocker
  D.   Ted Cassidy

10. Alfred Pennyworth on Batman
  A.   Bernard Fox
  B.   Alan Napier
  C.   Fred Gwynne
  D.   Sebastian Cabot®   

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