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User Profiles - bill

(Site Administrator - Not eligible for prizes)

Alltime Points for bill
Points from taking Quizzes73,850
Points from writing Quizzes862,000
Points from taking Bio Quizzes26,300
Points from Writing Bio Quizzes12,000
Points from playing LightningTrivia1,670
Total Points975,820

Multiple Choice Quizzes taken by bill (838)
Multiple Choice quizzes written by bill (862)

Favorite Categories
American Presidents
American TV Sitcoms
The Andy Griffith Show
American History
Comedy Movies
NHL Hockey
Progressive Rock
Elvis Presley
American Culture
First Name: Bill
Last Name: Brauer
Country: US
Postal Code: 48197
Favorite Actor: Gene Wilder
Favorite Actress: Bette Davis
Favorite Sports Star: Steve Yzerman
Favorite Author: JRR Tolkien
Favorite Musician: Alex Lifeson
About bill: I'm the founder of PeopleQuiz! I have a lovely wife, Dana and 4 kids. Hope you like the site!
Airport Sightings: David Hasselhoff at airport. Met George Gervin in 2012 at an EMU basketball game. Shook hands with Mike Eruzione in 2014 at a minor league baseball game.®   

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