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Trivia Quiz - TV Drunks

Through the years, there have been many TV shows featuring a drunken character. How much do you know about these famous lushes?

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Date Submitted: October 29, 2016
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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TV Drunks
(Image Source: Barney Gumble @ Wikipedia)

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1. Who was the town drunk on "The Andy Griffith Show"?
  A.   Howard Sprague
  B.   Barney Fife
  C.   Thelma Lou
  D.   Otis Campbell

2. What celebrity made a career out of playing a fake drunk and frequented the "Dean Martin Celebrity Roast" during the 1970s-80s?
  A.   George Gobel
  B.   Foster Brooks
  C.   Pat Henry
  D.   Jack Carter

3. Who played the hilarious "Drunk Girl" on "Saturday Night Live" in the 2000s?
  A.   Jeff Richards
  B.   Seth Meyers
  C.   Darrell Hammond
  D.   Chris Parnell

4. Who gets a bit tipsy trying to sell a concoction called "Vitameatavegamin" during a 1950s TV sitcom?
  A.   Donna Stone
  B.   Lucy Ricardo
  C.   June Cleaver
  D.   Harriett Nelson

5. Who is the office drunk on "The Office"?
  A.   Meredith Palmer
  B.   Michael Scott
  C.   Ryan Howard
  D.   Andy Bernard

6. Who is the lush on "South Park"? hint: his son's name is Stan.
  A.   Stephen Stotch
  B.   Randy Marsh
  C.   Mr. Garrison
  D.   Mr. Mackey

7. Who is the bitter alcoholic and supervisor of Sunnyvale Trailer Park in "Trailer Park Boys"?
  A.   Sarah
  B.   Ricky
  C.   Bubbles
  D.   Jim Lahey

8. Who is the recovered alcoholic former baseball player on "Cheers"?
  A.   Sam Malone
  B.   Cliff Clavin
  C.   Woody Boyd
  D.   Frasier Crane

9. Who played the lewd and disgusting "Drunk Uncle" on "Saturday Night Live" in the 2000s?
  A.   Jason Sudeikis
  B.   Bill Hader
  C.   Bobby Moynihan
  D.   Seth Meyers

10. Who is the total waste case on "The Simpsons"?
  A.   Ned Flanders
  B.   Barney Gumble
  C.   Marge Simpson
  D.   Carl Carlson®   

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