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Trivia Quiz - TV Alcoholics

I'll provide the name of the show and a description, you tell me the name of the TV drunk!

Quiz Number: 5240
Date Submitted: January 07, 2014
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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TV Alcoholics
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1. Who was the "big guy" who occupied the corner seat at "Cheers" and was rarely seen without a beer in front of him?
  A.   Norm Peterson
  B.   Sam Malone
  C.   Cliff Clavin
  D.   Woody Boyd

2. This guy was the lovable drunk on "The Andy Griffith Show" who typically locked himself up on Saturday nights. What was his name?
  A.   Floyd Lawson
  B.   Goober Pyle
  C.   Gomer Pyle
  D.   Otis Campbell

3. Who was the drunk on the American version of "The Office"?
  A.   Angela Martin
  B.   Pam Beesly
  C.   Meridith Palmer
  D.   Phyllis Lapin

4. This "Arrested Development" character not only abuses alcohol but takes her fair share of prescription drugs. What is her name?
  A.   Maeby Fünke
  B.   Lindsay Bluth
  C.   Lucille Bluth
  D.   Ann Veal

5. Who is the beer-guzzling fat man in "The Simpsons?
  A.   Homer Simpson
  B.   Ned Flanders
  C.   Dr. Julius Hibbert
  D.   Krusty the Clown

6. This "All in the Family" lush had to have a beer immediately when arriving home from work each evening. Who was it?
  A.   Archie Bunker
  B.   Edith Bunker
  C.   Gloria Stivic
  D.   Michael Stivic

7. This guy is the supervisor of Sunnyvale Trailer Park in the Canadian TV series "Trailer Park Boys" who has degenerated into a bitter alcoholic. What is his name?
  A.   Randy
  B.   Jim Lahey
  C.   Julian
  D.   Bubbles

8. He is the local geologist on "South Park" and also a big fan of beer. He's been known to get drunk at little league baseball games and punch out dads on the opposing teams. Who is it?
  A.   Jimbo Kern
  B.   Randy Marsh
  C.   Gerald Broflovski
  D.   Grandpa Marvin Marsh

9. He is the bachelor/playboy that lives in Malibu, CA in "Two and a Half Men." His lifestyle consists of drinking excessively, smoking cigars, and constant womanizing. Who is he?
  A.   Ryan Stiles
  B.   Dr. Alan Harper
  C.   Charlie Harper
  D.   Walden Schmidt

10. Who is the beer-guzzling fat man in "Family Guy?
  A.   Joe Swanson
  B.   Glenn Quagmire
  C.   Cleveland Brown
  D.   Peter Griffin®   

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