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Trivia Quiz - Amy Grant Basics

See what you know about the lovely and talented Amy Grant. We got the best Amy Grant trivia right here!

Quiz Number: 648
Date Submitted: November 24, 2006
Quiz Categories: Pop Music, Christian Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Amy Grant

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Amy Grant Basics
(Image Source: Amy Grant on Rhapsody)

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1. Amy was born and raised in what state?
  A.   Tennessee
  B.   Alabama
  C.   Georgia
  D.   South Carolina

2. Amy attended which of these universities before dropping out of college to pursue a career in music?
  A.   Middle Tennessee State Univerity
  B.   University of Georgia
  C.   University of Tennessee
  D.   Vanderbilt University

3. Amy released her first album at the age of sixteen in 1977. What was it titled?
  A.   "Amy Grant"
  B.   "My Father's Eyes"
  C.   "Never Alone"
  D.   "Age to Age"

4. Amy's first album to hit #1 on the Christian charts was released in 1982 and titled:
  A.   "Unguarded"
  B.   "Straight Ahead"
  C.   "Never Alone"
  D.   "Age to Age"

5. Who was Amy's first husband?
  A.   Gary Chapman
  B.   Michael W. Smith
  C.   Vince Gill
  D.   Jme Stein

6. Which 1986 Amy Grant album shocked some fans for its very mainstream sound (and Grant's leopard-print jacket, in four poses for four different covers)?
  A.   "Unguarded"
  B.   "Lead Me On"
  C.   "Straight Ahead"
  D.   "Heart in Motion"

7. In 1986, Amy released a very popular single titled, "The Next Time I Fall," a duet with what other popular musician?
  A.   Glenn Frey
  B.   Vince Gill
  C.   Peter Cetera
  D.   Mike Love

8. Amy's third Christmas album was released in 1999 and titled:
  A.   "Home For Christmas"
  B.   "The Sounds of Christmas"
  C.   "A Christmas Album"
  D.   "A Christmas To Remember"

9. In 1991, Amy had her second single hit the #1 on the US Adult Contemporary Charts? What was the title of that song?
  A.   "Every Heartbeat"
  B.   "That's What Love Is For"
  C.   "Baby Baby"
  D.   "Good For Me"

10. In 2004, Amy performed at what sports championship?
  A.   Baseball's World Series
  B.   Hockey's Stanley Cup Finals
  C.   Basketball's NBA Championship
  D.   Football's Super Bowl®   

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