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Trivia Quiz - Rod Stewart

A trivia quiz on the career, albums, songs and personal life of Rod Stewart.

Quiz Number: 5364
Date Submitted: July 17, 2014
Quiz Categories: Singers, Rock Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Rod Stewart

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Rod Stewart
(Image Source: Rod Stewart @ Wikipedia)

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1. Rod Stewart was born and raised in what country?
  A.   England
  B.   Germany
  C.   Russian
  D.   Ireland

2. Rod Stewart's nickname comes from his dandyish style of grooming and dress. What is his nickname?
  A.   Rodericky
  B.   Rod the Mod
  C.   Rodster
  D.   Hot Rod

3. In February 1967, Rod Stewart got his first big break joining what band as vocalist and sometime songwriter?
  A.   Jefferson Airplane
  B.   Little Feat
  C.   The Velvet Underground
  D.   The Jeff Beck Group

4. In May 1969, joined Ronnie Wood, Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan, and Kenney Jones to form what band?
  A.   Bread
  B.   Cream
  C.   The Stone Poneys
  D.   Faces

5. What was Rod Stewart's first album to hit #1 on both the UK and US charts?
  A.   Vagabond Heart
  B.   Every Picture Tells a Story
  C.   Foot Loose & Fancy Free
  D.   Blondes Have More Fun

6. You will find Rod Stewart's best selling single on his 1971 album entitled "Every Picture Tells a Story." What is the name of the song?
  A.   (I Know) I'm Losing You
  B.   That's All Right
  C.   Maggie May
  D.   Reason to Believe

7. Rod Stewart has fathered how many children?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   8

8. Which of the following is Rod Stewart's favorite hobbies?
  A.   soccer
  B.   model railroading
  C.   sports car collector
  D.   all of the above

9. Who was Rod Stewart's first wife?
  A.   Kelly Emberg
  B.   Rachel Hunter
  C.   Alana Hamilton
  D.   Penny Lancaster

10. What iconic black musician called Rod Stewart "music's best white soul singer" in September 2006.?
  A.   Ray Charles
  B.   Stevie Wonder
  C.   James Brown
  D.   BB King®   

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