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Trivia Quiz - Davy Jones: Teen Idol

Here's a quiz on Former Monkee and Teen Idol Davy Jones.

Quiz Number: 4333
Date Submitted: March 01, 2012
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Singers, Television Stars, The Monkees
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 57.1 percent
Times Taken: 232 times
Taken by Registered Users: 7
Quiz is about: Davy Jones

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Davy Jones Teen Idol
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1. What instrument did Davy play while with the Monkees?
  A.   Tambourine
  B.   Guitar
  C.   Maracas
  D.   All of the Above

2. Davy began his acting career at what age?
  A.   5
  B.   8
  C.   11
  D.   14

3. In December 2008, Yahoo Music ranked Davy where on it's All-Time Teen Idol List?
  A.   1st
  B.   2nd
  C.   5th
  D.   10th

4. How many daughters did Davy have through his 3 marriages?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

5. Davy made appearances on several American TV Shows. Which was not one of them?
  A.   My Two Dads
  B.   Happy Days
  C.   The Brady Bunch
  D.   Love, American Style

6. Davy was nominated for a Tony for his performance in what Broadway Musical?
  A.   West Side Story
  B.   Oliver Twist
  C.   Oliver
  D.   Cats

7. Because of Davy's popularity with the Monkees, another singer named Davy Jones had to change his name. What did he change his name to?
  A.   George Jones
  B.   David Lee Roth
  C.   Tommy Jones
  D.   David Bowie

8. What did Davy own and race in both his native England and in the United States?
  A.   Racecars
  B.   Horses
  C.   Greyhounds
  D.   Motorcycles

9. Davy shared his birthday with which other Monkee?
  A.   Michael Nesmith
  B.   Peter Tork
  C.   Mickey Dolenz
  D.   None of them

10. The TV show "The Monkees" aired between what years?
  A.   1964-1969
  B.   1965-1967
  C.   1966-1968
  D.   1967-1970®   

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