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Trivia Quiz - Wayne Knight: "Hello Newman..."

What do you know about the life and career of Wayne Knight?

Quiz Number: 4284
Date Submitted: January 25, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Wayne Knight

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Wayne Knight Hello Newman...
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1. Wayne Knight starred as Newman on the TV sitcom, "Seinfeld." What was Newman's occcupation?
  A.   mall security guard
  B.   US Postal Service mail carrier
  C.   dog catcher
  D.   high school football coach

2. Knight left college as an honor student but one credit shy of a degree to pursue his acting career. He later finished his BFA at what university?
  A.   University of Georgia
  B.   Georgia Tech
  C.   Georgia Southern University
  D.   Savannah State University

3. Knight played Don Orville, Sally's love interest in "3rd Rock from the Sun." What was Orville's occupation?
  A.   miniature golf course manager
  B.   chef
  C.   cop
  D.   librarian

4. What role did Wayne Knight play in the 1992 movie, "Basic Instinct"?
  A.   Detective Nick Curran
  B.   Investigator John Correli
  C.   Lieutenant Marty Nilsen
  D.   Sheriff

5. Knight married Paula Sutor in 1996 and the wedding ceremony was held at the home of what "Seinfeld" co-star?
  A.   Michael Richards
  B.   Jerry Seinfeld
  C.   Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  D.   Jason Alexander

6. What role did Wayne Knight play in the 1991 movie, "JFK"?
  A.   DA Jim Garrison
  B.   FBI Investigator Guy Banister
  C.   Lee Harvey Oswald
  D.   Investigator Numa Bertel

7. What voice did Wayne Knight provide in the 1999 American computer-animated film, "Toy Story 2"?
  A.   Mr. Potato Head
  B.   Al McWhiggin
  C.   Stinky Pete the Prospector
  D.   Woody

8. What character did Wayne Knight play in the 1993 American science fiction adventure film, "Jurassic Park"?
  A.   Ray Arnold (the park's chief engineer)
  B.   Robert Muldoon (the park's game warden)
  C.   Dr. Alan Grant
  D.   Dennis Nedry (computer system architect)

9. Wayne Knight has voiced several television cartoon characters. Which one of the following was not one of them?
  A.   Peter Griffin of "Family Guy"
  B.   Evil Emperor Zurg on "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" on Toon Disney
  C.   Igor on the Fox Kids cartoon "Toonsylvania"
  D.   black cat Mister Blik on the Nickelodeon cartoon "Catscratch"

10. What role does Knight play on the TVLand sitcom, "The Exes"?
  A.   Mark Reisman
  B.   Phil Chase
  C.   Stuart Gardner
  D.   Haskell Lutz®   

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