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Trivia Quiz - Patricia Heaton

What do you know about the pretty actress, Patricia Heaton? Debra, her character in "Everybody Loves Raymond," seems to always be stuck in the middle but she holds her ground very well!

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Date Submitted: June 03, 2011
Quiz Categories: Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Patricia Heaton

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Patricia Heaton
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1. Patricia Heaton portrayed Debra Barone in the TV sitcom, "Everybody Loves Raymond." What was Barone's husband's name?
  A.   Ray
  B.   Ron
  C.   Ralph
  D.   Roy

2. From what Ohio university did Patricia Heaton graduate?
  A.   Kent State University
  B.   Ohio University
  C.   Ohio State University
  D.   University of Toledo

3. On the ABC sitcom "The Middle," Patricia Heaton plays the roles of Frankie Heck. What is Frankie's occupation?
  A.   secretary
  B.   dental assistant
  C.   car salesperson
  D.   web development technician

4. Patricia and second-husband have how many children together?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

5. At one point in time, Patricia's father and brother were both writers for what Ohio newspaper?
  A.   Cincinnati Enquirer
  B.   Cleveland Plain Dealer
  C.   The Columbus Dispatch
  D.   Toledo Blade

6. What role did Patricia Heaton play in the 1992 American family comedy film, "Beethoven"?
  A.   Alice Newton
  B.   Brie
  C.   Miss Grundel
  D.   Devonia Pest

7. In which of the following short-lived sitcoms from the 1990s did Patricia Heaton not star?
  A.   For Your Love (1998)
  B.   Room for Two (1992)
  C.   Someone Like Me (1994)
  D.   Women of the House (1995)

8. In the early 2000s, Ms. Heaton appeared in a series of television and radio commercials as a spokesperson for what grocery chain?
  A.   Kroger
  B.   Wal-Mart
  C.   Winn Dixie
  D.   Albertsons

9. In the American situation comedy series,"Back to You," (2007-2008) Patricia Heaton played the role of Kelly Marsha Carr. What was Carr's occupation?
  A.   police officer
  B.   sports writer
  C.   news anchor
  D.   nurse

10. Ms. Heaton has served as honorary chair of what conservative women's organization?
  A.   Pro-Life Action League
  B.   Focus on the Family
  C.   Women Exploited By Abortion
  D.   Feminists for Life®   

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