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Trivia Quiz - Vivian Vance: Lucy's Second Fiddle

How much do you know about the great actress, Vivian Vance?

Quiz Number: 2822
Date Submitted: August 29, 2008
Quiz Categories: I Love Lucy, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Vivian Vance

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Vivian Vance Lucys Second Fiddle
(Image Source: Vivian Vance Pro Board)

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1. Vivian Vance was born Vivian Roberta Jones in 1909. Early in her acting career, she changed her last name to Vance. After whom did she name herself?
  A.   her father Vance Jones
  B.   her uncle Vance Jones
  C.   folklorist Vance Randolph
  D.   novelist Louis Joseph Vance

2. How many times was Vivian Vance married?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

3. Vivian Vance was the first-ever actress to win what award?
  A.   Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress
  B.   Television Critics Association Award
  C.   Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress
  D.   Peabody Award

4. Vivian Vance was the godmother of what famous singer, songwriter, and musician?
  A.   David Crosby
  B.   Stephen Stills
  C.   Jim Messina
  D.   John Sebastian

5. Who originally suggested that Vivian Vance play the part of Lucy's sidekick and landlord in "I Love Lucy"?
  A.   Producer Jess Oppenheimer
  B.   Lucille Ball
  C.   William Frawley
  D.   Director Marc Daniels

6. What character did Vivian play in the 1950's television series "I Love Lucy"?
  A.   Betty Ramsey
  B.   Ethel Mertz
  C.   Mrs. Trumbull
  D.   Mrs. McGillicuddy

7. After "I Love Lucy," Vance was given the opportunity to star with former co-star William Frawley in what?
  A.   an evening drama
  B.   a daytime soap opera
  C.   a Broadway production
  D.   in their own "Fred and Ethel" spin-off show

8. After "I Love Lucy," Vance starred again with Lucy in a television sitcom, in which she played the part of Vivian Bagley. What was the name of the show?
  A.   The Lucy Show
  B.   Here's Lucy
  C.   More Lucy
  D.   Lucy and Vivian

9. By starring as Vivian Bagley in a 1960s sitcom with Lucille Ball, Vance became the first actress to do what?
  A.   portray a divorcee on a weekly American television series
  B.   portray a gay character
  C.   perform her own stunts
  D.   portray a female doctor in a TV series

10. In the 1970s, Vance signed a lucrative contract to promote Maxwell House Coffee in commercials. What was her stage name in the commercials?
  A.   Maxine
  B.   Mable
  C.   Madeline
  D.   Margaret®   

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