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Trivia Quizzes - The Beatles

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 George Harrison: Legendary MusicianRock -n- Roll, The BeatlesGeorge Harrison  dana18955
2 John Lennon: Musician, Artist & Peace ActivistThe BeatlesJohn Lennon  bill17450.6
3 Paul McCartney: Personal Life of a CelebrityRock -n- Roll, The BeatlesPaul McCartney  bill22365.8
4 Ringo Starr: His Early Life and The BeatlesThe BeatlesRingo Starr  lmcubs23066.1
5 Ringo Starr: Life After The BeatlesThe BeatlesRingo Starr  lmcubs12062.4
6 The Beatles - It's Tough!The Beatles  LittleLady33151.9
7 The Beatles BasicsThe Beatles  trickymutha39873.9
8 The Beatles in AmericaThe Beatles  dana22443.3
9 The Beatles Music in AmericaThe Beatles  dana18040.7
10 The Beatles Name GameThe Beatles  dana31664.9
11 The Beatles on Ed SullivanThe Beatles, TV Variety Shows  LittleLady23542.1
12 The Beatles Sgt Pepper's AlbumThe Beatles  LittleLady21151.8
13 The Beatles: Song-Album MatchThe Beatles  martha17657.8
14 Which Beatle?The Beatles  Samurai Sam40451.5
15 Which Beatle? Part 2The Beatles  Samurai Sam15052.5

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