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Trivia Quiz - The Beatles in America

This quiz is what its title says - "The Beatles in America."

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The Beatles in America
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1. Who was the first Beatle to visit America?
  A.   John Lennon
  B.   Paul McCartney
  C.   Ringo Starr
  D.   George Harrison

2. How much were The Beatles paid for their performance on The Ed Sullivan Show?
  A.   $3,000
  B.   $3,500
  C.   $5,000
  D.   $7,500

3. What slogan was seen on many bumper stickers prior to The Beatles first U.S. Tour?
  A.   "Meet the Beatles!"
  B.   "Guess Who's Coming? - The Beatles!"
  C.   "The Beatles are Coming"
  D.   "Got Your Tickets for The Beatles?"

4. The Beatles first American concert took place in 1964 in what city?
  A.   Washington D.C.
  B.   New York City
  C.   Philadelphia, PA
  D.   Boston, MA

5. What was the average length of a Beatles concert during their first U.S. tour?
  A.   26 minutes
  B.   28 minutes
  C.   32 minutes
  D.   38 minutes

6. How much money did John and Yoko raise during their "One on One" benefit concert for mentally-challenged children?
  A.   $200,000
  B.   $225,000
  C.   $250,000
  D.   $275,000

7. Who was the first Beatle to tour America after the Beatles break up?
  A.   John Lennon
  B.   Paul McCartney
  C.   Ringo Starr
  D.   George Harrison

8. What did John Lennon reportedly see from the rooftop of his New York City apartment?
  A.   A U.F.O.
  B.   A murder on the street below
  C.   The Northern Lights
  D.   Yoko Ono naked

9. In what year was John Lennon awarded permanent resident status in the U.S.?
  A.   1974
  B.   1975
  C.   1976
  D.   1977

10. President Gerald Ford's son invited which Beatle to play at the White House?
  A.   John Lennon
  B.   Paul McCartney
  C.   Ringo Starr
  D.   George Harrison®   

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