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Latest Feature Quizzes   -   Oliver Cromwell  
March 31, 1657 - Oliver Cromwell is offered the crown of England but declines.
Author: grant228 grant228, Last Taken: 8 days 15 hrs 14 min 29 sec ago,  Times taken: 184,  Average Score:64.8%
Feature Biography - Robert De Niro
March 31, 1981 - Robert De Niro wins Best Actor Oscar as Jake La Motta in "Raging Bull".
Latest Quizzes Written   -   Viruses - their history, what are they?   
Author: grant228 grant228
Latest Quizzes Taken   -   M*A*S*H Characters: Hawkeye Pierce  
Author: 0zero0 0zero0, Last Taken: 25 min 55 sec ago,  Times taken: 731,  Average Score:74.1%
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