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Latest Quizzes Written   -   Frank Capra - Brilliant Movie Director  
Author: grant228 grant228
Latest Quizzes Taken   -   1940s Movie Potpourri  
Author: grant228 grant228, Last Taken: 28 min 12 sec ago,  Times taken: 251,  Average Score:48.9%
Latest Feature Quizzes   -   Franklin D. Roosevelt: 32nd U.S. President - His Final Months  
PeopleQuiz remembers FDR (January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945)
Author: bill bill, Last Taken: 9 days 18 hrs 17 min 14 sec ago,  Times taken: 173,  Average Score:68.9%
Feature Biography - Dick Cheney
74 today and his heart is still ticking!
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