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Latest Quizzes Written   -   All About Hangings  
Author: grant228 grant228
Latest Quizzes Taken   -   Maximilien Robespierre - The Leader of the Reign of Terror  
Author: grant228 grant228, Last Taken: 4 min 28 sec ago,  Times taken: 139,  Average Score:53.5%
Latest Feature Quizzes   -   Ronald Reagan: 40th U.S. President  
Today in 1981 President Reagan is shot but he lives through it after a very close call.
Author: charles charles, Last Taken: 4 hrs 8 min 23 sec ago,  Times taken: 344,  Average Score:62%
Feature Biography - John Astin
My favorite John Astin role was as "Buddy" on "Night Court." Well played, sir...
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