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Latest Quizzes Written   -   Vincent Van Gogh - Troubled Artist  
Author: grant228 grant228
Latest Quizzes Taken   -   Columbo: "Just One More Thing..."  
Author: 0zero0 0zero0, Last Taken: 4 min 24 sec ago,  Times taken: 808,  Average Score:83.6%
Latest Feature Quizzes   -   Mel Brooks: King of Spoofs  
How well do you know Mel Brooks on his 90th birthday?
Author: bill bill, Last Taken: 599 days 15 hrs 49 min 24 sec ago,  Times taken: 36,  Average Score:63.3%
Feature Biography - Kathy Bates
Birthday #68 for Kathy. She was great in "Misery"!
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