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Latest Quizzes Written   -   Robert G Ingersoll - "The Great Agnostic"  
Author: grant228 grant228
Latest Quizzes Taken   -   Daniel Radcliffe - Much more than Harry Potter  
Author: grant228 grant228, Last Taken: 21 min 21 sec ago,  Times taken: 4,  Average Score:82.5%
Latest Feature Quizzes   -   The Who: British Rock Band: The 1960s  
January 14th, 2019 - The Who just announced their first new album in 13 years, and a tour!
Author: bill bill, Last Taken: 4 days 1 hrs 28 min 51 sec ago,  Times taken: 59,  Average Score:49.5%
Feature Biography - Bill Brauer
PeopleQuiz salutes our very own co-founder Bill Brauer, who left this world for a better place on Sunday, December 30th, 2018
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