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Todays Celebrity Birthdays - July 29, 2016
 Elizabeth Dole (07/29/1936 - )
United States Senator from North Carolina since 2002. She is also the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
 Geddy Lee (07/29/1953 - )
Canadian rock musician best known as the lead singer, bassist and keyboardist for the progressive rock band Rush that he co-founded with guitarist Alex Lifeson in 1974.
Quiz: Geddy Lee: Rush Bassist
 Wanya Morris (07/29/1973 - )
African-American R&B singer, best known as the leader of the popular R&B group Boyz II Men since 1988.
 Matt Prokop (07/29/1990 - )
American actor best known for his role as Jimmie "The Rocket Man" Zara in High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Josh Rosen in the Geek Charming.®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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