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Trivia Quiz - Car Advertising Slogans

The following are car advertising slogans that were used in automobile advertising in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

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Date Submitted: April 10, 2008
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Author: Samurai Sam
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Car Advertising Slogans
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1. When better cars are built, __________ will build them.
  A.   Ford
  B.   Buick
  C.   Pontiac
  D.   Chrysler

2. Ask the man who owns one.
  A.   Studebaker
  B.   Oldsmobile
  C.   Kaiser
  D.   Packard

3. ______ has a better idea.
  A.   Ford
  B.   Chevrolet
  C.   Plymouth
  D.   Volkswagen

4. Putting you first keeps us first.
  A.   Mercury
  B.   American Motors
  C.   Chevrolet
  D.   Cadillac

5. Join the __________ rebellion.
  A.   Dodge
  B.   Volkswagen
  C.   Chevrolet
  D.   Pontiac

6. If you had to compete with the three biggest automakers in Detroit, what would you do?
  A.   Mercedes Benz
  B.   Volkswagen
  C.   American Motors
  D.   BMW

7. The closer you look, the better we look.
  A.   Chevrolet
  B.   Ford
  C.   Plymouth
  D.   Cadillac

8. We are driven.
  A.   Toyota
  B.   Honda
  C.   Subaru
  D.   Datsun (Nissan)

9. Always a step ahead.
  A.   Oldsmobile
  B.   Chrysler
  C.   Dodge
  D.   Buick

10. Wouldn't you really rather have a _________?
  A.   Pontiac
  B.   Cadillac
  C.   Buick
  D.   Chevrolet®   

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