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User Profiles - BubblyJolie
Registered on November 19, 2006

Alltime Points for BubblyJolie
Points from taking Quizzes24,510
Points from writing Quizzes109,000
Points from taking Bio Quizzes15,410
Points from Writing Bio Quizzes1,950
Points from playing LightningTrivia0
Total Points150,870

Multiple Choice Quizzes taken by BubblyJolie (288)
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First Name: Alana
Last Name: Barquero
Country: US
Postal Code: 98520
Favorite Actor: Zachary Levi, Steve Carrel
Favorite Actress: Yvonne Strahovski, Sandra Bullock, Stana Katic
Favorite Sports Star: Seattle Seahawks,
Favorite Author: Agatha Christie, Richard Castle
Favorite Musician: Chuck Music
About BubblyJolie: I am currently a freshmen at my local community college. I am quite intelligent for my age. I have had my IQ tested and it was 144, which is in the genius range. I am good at movie and TV show trivia. My favorite TV show is Chuck don't watch much TV television has gone down the drain, though after Twitter I have started to watch a lot more television. Though I still love M*A*S*H, I Love Lucy, Green Acres, and Golden Girls.
Airport Sightings: Tom Cruise was one time at our mall for the Mission Impossible Premiere. A guy won a contest and he made a premiere for our town. It was pretty lame actually.®   

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