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Trivia Quiz - St. Louis Blues History & Facts

What do you know about St. Louis Blues trivia and St. Louis Blues facts? players, coaches, playoffs and history!

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Date Submitted: January 09, 2015
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St. Louis Blues History  Facts
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1. What are the official colors of the St. Louis Blues?
  A.   purple and silver
  B.   blue, gold, navy blue, and white
  C.   red, white and blue
  D.   green and yellow

2. Which of the following is a common nickname of the St. Louis Blues?
  A.   Bluenotes
  B.   Blue Boys
  C.   Bluesinators
  D.   none of the above

3. Who did the St. Louis Blues hire as their head coach in 2011?
  A.   Andy Murray
  B.   Mike Babcock
  C.   Ken Hitchcock
  D.   Joel Quenneville

4. What is the mascot of the St. Louis Blues?
  A.   Bluester
  B.   Lou-rama
  C.   Louster
  D.   Louie

5. In their early years, the St. Louis Blues were in a poor division. Couple this with some great play and good draft picks, the Blues made it to the Stanley Cup finals in their first three years of existence. Who was their head coach at the time?
  A.   Lynn Patrick
  B.   Red Berenson
  C.   Scotty Bowman
  D.   Barclay Plager

6. NHL Hall of Famer Brett Hull played for the St. Louis Blues from 1988-1998. What jersey number did he wear?
  A.   9
  B.   10
  C.   15
  D.   16

7. Who did the St. Louis Blues name as their captain in 2011?
  A.   T. J. Oshie
  B.   Chris Pronger
  C.   Eric Brewer
  D.   David Backes

8. What nickname was given to the St. Louis Blues' proficient scoring line of Jaden Schwartz, Vladimir Tarasenk and Jori Lehtera?
  A.   STL Line
  B.   Production Line
  C.   The Kid Line
  D.   The Fly Line

9. What team defeated the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup Finals in both 1968 and 1969?
  A.   Toronto Maple Leafs
  B.   Boston Bruins
  C.   Montreal Canadiens
  D.   Detroit Red Wings

10. Who was the first St. Louis Blues player to record 1,000 points in his career?
  A.   Red Berenson
  B.   Keith Tkachuk
  C.   Brett Hull
  D.   Bernie Federko®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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