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Trivia Quiz - Buffalo Sabres History & Facts

What do you know about Buffalo Sabres trivia and Buffalo Sabres facts? players, coaches, playoffs and history!

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Date Submitted: January 01, 2015
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Author: bill
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Buffalo Sabres History  Facts
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1. What are the official colors of the Buffalo Sabres?
  A.   green and yellow
  B.   cream and magenta
  C.   blue, gold, silver and white
  D.   blue and gold

2. Which of the following is a common nickname of the Buffalo Sabres?
  A.   Pals
  B.   Mates
  C.   Dudes
  D.   Swords

3. What team defeated the Buffalo Sabres in The 1999 Stanley Cup Finals?
  A.   Dallas Stars
  B.   Detroit Red Wings
  C.   Colorado Avalanche
  D.   Chicago Black Hawks

4. What NHL coach led the Buffalo Sabres to the Stanley Cup Finals in the 1999 season?
  A.   Mike Keenan
  B.   Scotty Bowman
  C.   Lindy Ruff
  D.   Al Arbour

5. What is the mascot of the Buffalo Sabres?
  A.   Sabretooth
  B.   Buff
  C.   Dude
  D.   Tom

6. Who did the Buffalo Sabres hire as their head coach in 2013?
  A.   Ted Nolan
  B.   Darryl Sutter
  C.   Ken Hitchcock
  D.   John Muckler

7. What was the nickname of the 1970s Buffalo Sabres' forward tandem of Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin and René Robert that led the team to the 1975 Stanley Cup Finals?
  A.   The Grind Line
  B.   The French Connection
  C.   The Firing Line
  D.   The Production Line

8. Who became the captain of the Buffalo Sabres in 2014?
  A.   Matt Moulson
  B.   Brian Gionta
  C.   Tyler Ennis
  D.   Tyson Strachan

9. What was the nickname of Dominik Hasek, the Buffalo Sabres all star goaltender from 1992–2001?
  A.   Ace
  B.   The Intimidator
  C.   Big Nasty
  D.   The Dominator

10. Fill in the blank: The name of the Buffalo Sabres' home arena is First _______ Center.
  A.   Buffalo
  B.   New York
  C.   Niagara
  D.   Sabres®   

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