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Trivia Quiz - Chicago White Sox Baseball History & Facts

Try your luck on this trivia quiz about Chicago White Sox Baseball History & Facts!

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Date Submitted: October 28, 2013
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Chicago White Sox Baseball History  Facts
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1. What are the official colors of the Chicago White Sox?
  A.   red, white & blue
  B.   yellow & green
  C.   silver & purple
  D.   black, silver & white

2. What is the AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox?
  A.   Charlotte Knights
  B.   Durham Bulls
  C.   Syracuse Chiefs
  D.   Buffalo Bisons

3. What is the name of the Chicago White Sox mascot?
  A.   Dogjaw
  B.   Southpaw
  C.   Sammy
  D.   Clem

4. What manager led the Chicago White Sox to the World Series titles in 2005?
  A.   Harold Baines
  B.   Robin Ventura
  C.   Don Cooper
  D.   Ozzie Guillén

5. In 1919, eight Chicago White Sox players were later accused of intentionally losing games in exchange for money from gamblers. This scandal eventually became known as what?
  A.   White Sox Scandal
  B.   Black Sox Scandal
  C.   Chicago Players Scandal
  D.   none of the above

6. In 2003, the name of Comiskey Park was officially changed to what?
  A.   White Sox Park
  B.   County Stadium
  C.   U.S. Cellular Field
  D.   White Stockings Park

7. Since interleague play began in 1998, the White Sox have renewed their rivalry with the crosstown Chicago Cubs. In 2010, a new trophy was introduced and is now awarded to the winner of the annual series. What is the name of the trophy?
  A.   BP Crosstown Cup
  B.   Cubs-Sox Cup
  C.   Chicago Cup
  D.   Windy City Trophy

8. What position did 11X All-Star Carlton Fisk play for the Chicago White Sox?
  A.   catcher
  B.   pitcher
  C.   short stop
  D.   second base

9. What is the name of the Chicago White Sox' spring training facility located in Glendale, AZ?
  A.   Sox Park
  B.   Camelback Ranch
  C.   Glendale Stadium
  D.   Arizona Field

10. Who became manager of the Chicago White Sox in 2012?
  A.   Ozzie Guillén
  B.   Don Cooper
  C.   Robin Ventura
  D.   Jerry Manuel®   

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