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Trivia Quiz - Larry Hagman- TV Villain

How much do you know about the versatile actor Larry Hagman, who portrayed a character that people loved to hate?

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Date Submitted: November 29, 2012
Quiz Categories: Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Larry Hagman

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Larry Hagman TV Villain
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1. Larry was best known for playing Oil Baron and villain J.R. Ewing on what late night television soap?
  A.   Dallas
  B.   Knot's Landing
  C.   Falcon Crest
  D.   Dynasty

2. What role did Larry play in the 1960's sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie?"
  A.   Colonel Dr. Alfred Bellows
  B.   Major Roger Healey
  C.   General Martin Peterson
  D.   Major Tony Nelson

3. Which branch of the military was Larry drafted into during the Korean War?
  A.   U.S. Navy
  B.   U.S. Air Force
  C.   U.S. Army
  D.   U.S. Marine Corp.

4. What was the name of Larry's 2001 autobiography?
  A.   My Life In Hollywood
  B.   From Dreamin' To Dallas
  C.   Hello Darlin' : Tall (And absolutely True) Tales About My Life
  D.   My Life as J.R.

5. What actor introduced Larry to marijuana to help with his drinking problem?
  A.   Richard Dawson
  B.   Rob Zombie
  C.   Sherman Helmsley
  D.   Jack Nicholson

6. Sadly, Larry passed away on November 23, 2012 to complications from what?
  A.   Cirrhosis of the Liver
  B.   Throat Cancer
  C.   Lung Cancer
  D.   Prostate Cancer

7. Larry became addicted to what drug after being introduced to it by musician friend David Crosby after a concert in 1969?
  A.   LSD
  B.   Marijuana
  C.   Cocaine
  D.   Heroin

8. How old was Larry's mother at the time of his birth?
  A.   15
  B.   16
  C.   17
  D.   18

9. What was Larry's mother's profession?
  A.   She was a Broadway Singer
  B.   She was a Broadway Showgirl
  C.   She was a Ballerina
  D.   She was a Broadway Actress

10. Which Dallas co- star was at Larry's bedside when he passed away?
  A.   Patrick Duffy
  B.   Linda Gray
  C.   Victoria Principle
  D.   Charlene Tilton®   

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