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Trivia Quiz - U S T.V. Trivia II

Ten more questions on the seemingly infinite world of U.S. T.V.?

Quiz Number: 4805
Date Submitted: November 03, 2012
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 67.1 percent
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U S T.V. Trivia II

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1. In "Family Ties" what were the names of the two sisters?
  A.   Jennifer and Justine
  B.   Jennifer and Mallory
  C.   Mallory and Elyse
  D.   Elyse and Jennifer

2. In "The Greatest American Hero" with which would-be presidential assassin did Ralph share a last name?
  A.   John Hinckley
  B.   Lynette Fromme
  C.   Francisco Duran
  D.   Arthur Bremer

3. What model of car was KITT in "Knight Rider"?
  A.   Pontiac Trans Am
  B.   Lamborghini Diablo
  C.   Jaguar XJ 220
  D.   Koenig C62

4. In "V: The Series" what did “V” stand for?
  A.   Victory
  B.   Vermin
  C.   Vortex
  D.   Visitors

5. What was the real first name of ALF?
  A.   Boris
  B.   Ronald
  C.   Gordon
  D.   Brewster

6. Which 70s/80s T.V. character came from Crabapple Cove, Maine?
  A.   Jessica Fletcher
  B.   Hawkeye Pierce
  C.   Remington Steele
  D.   Krystle Carrington

7. In "Columbo" what was Columbo's rank?
  A.   Lieutenant
  B.   Inspector
  C.   Captain
  D.   Detective

8. In "NYPD Blue" what addiction does Sipowicz suffer from?
  A.   prescription drugs
  B.   alcohol
  C.   cocaine
  D.   sex

9. Which of the following celebrity names was not used on "The Flintstones"?
  A.   Mickey Rockney (Mickey Rooney)
  B.   Cary Granite (Cary Grant)
  C.   Stony Curtis (Tony Curtis)
  D.   Ann-Margrock (Ann-Margret)

10. What was the name of Captain Stubing’s daughter in "The Love Boat"?
  A.   Julie
  B.   Cathy
  C.   Christie
  D.   Vicki®   

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