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Trivia Quiz - West Virginia Mountaineers Football History & Facts

What do you know about West Virginia football?

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Date Submitted: September 12, 2012
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Author: bill
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West Virginia Mountaineers Football History  Facts
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1. What is the name of the West Virginia Mountaineers mascot?
  A.   The Mountaineer
  B.   The Hilltopper
  C.   Timmy
  D.   Topper

2. In 2012, the West Virginia football team joined the Big 12 Conference. In what conference did they compete from 1991-2011?
  A.   Big South
  B.   ACC
  C.   Big East
  D.   Conference USA

3. For what trophy does West Virginia compete in an annual rivalry game against Marshall University?
  A.   Mountain Trophy
  B.   West Virginia Trophy
  C.   State's Cup
  D.   Governor's Cup

4. The West Virginia Mountaineers have two official colors one of which is blue. What is the other?
  A.   satin sheen gold
  B.   old gold
  C.   pale gold
  D.   harvest gold

5. Who was the first Mountaineer football coach to boast 200 career victories?
  A.   Arthur "Pappy" Lewis
  B.   Don Nehlen
  C.   Ira Errett "Rat" Rogers
  D.   Rich Rodriguez

6. What is the West Virginia fight song?
  A.   Rah for the Gold and Blue
  B.   Fight Mountaineers, Fight!
  C.   Hail, West Virginia
  D.   Hail to WVU

7. In 2005, the Mountaineers boasted an 11-1 record. What was the only team that beat them?
  A.   Virginia Tech
  B.   Georgia
  C.   Maryland
  D.   Pittsburgh

8. After home game victories, West Virginia fans link arm-in-arm and sing along to what song?
  A.   Take Me Home, Country Roads
  B.   Hillbilly Rock
  C.   For The Good Time
  D.   Smoky Mountain Rain

9. What is the name of the Mountaineer marching band?
  A.   Mountaineer Marchers
  B.   Spirit of WVU
  C.   Rolling Thunder
  D.   The Pride of West Virginia

10. In the 2012 Orange Bowl, the Mountaineers scored a whopping 70 points against what team?
  A.   Syracuse Orange
  B.   North Carolina Tar Heels
  C.   Clemson Tigers
  D.   Maryland Terrapins®   

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