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Trivia Quiz - UFO: Steady Rock Band

What do you know about the rock band, UFO?

Quiz Number: 4602
Date Submitted: July 14, 2012
Quiz Categories: Heavy Metal
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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UFO Steady Rock Band
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1. Who is the only member of UFO to appear on all of the band's albums?
  A.   Andy Parker
  B.   Pete Way
  C.   Phil Mogg
  D.   Paul Chapman

2. UFO hails from what country?
  A.   England
  B.   USA
  C.   Germany
  D.   Canada

3. What was the original name of UFO?
  A.   Obesession
  B.   Phenomenon
  C.   Fire
  D.   Hocus Pocus

4. Which of the following was not an original member of UFO when it was formed in 1969?
  A.   Phil Mogg
  B.   Larry Wallis
  C.   Pete Way
  D.   Andy Parker

5. In 1973, the band recruited Michael Schenker to be their new guitarist. What band did Schenker leave to join UFO?
  A.   Scorpions
  B.   Contraband
  C.   Angel
  D.   Uriah Heep

6. What critically acclaimed 1977 UFO album contains such hits as "Too Hot To Handle," "Lights Out," "Love To Love"?
  A.   Obsession
  B.   Force It
  C.   No Heavy Petting
  D.   Lights Out

7. Which of the famous rock drummers never played with UFO?
  A.   Simon Wright
  B.   Jason Bonham
  C.   Aynsley Dunbar
  D.   Bill Bruford

8. What was the first album the band released after Michael Schenker's departure in 1978?
  A.   No Place To Run
  B.   Strangers in the Night
  C.   The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent
  D.   Making Contact

9. In the early 1990s, the original UFO lineup of Mogg, Schenker, Way, Raymond and Parker reunited and released three albums. Which was not one of them?
  A.   High Stakes & Dangerous Men
  B.   Sharks
  C.   Covenant
  D.   Walk on Water

10. In February, 2012 UFO released its 20th studio album to critical acclaims. What is the name of it?
  A.   You Are Here
  B.   The Visitor
  C.   Seven Deadly
  D.   The Monkey Puzzle®   

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