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Trivia Quiz - Wrestlemania

This is a simple quiz about Wrestlemania history, facts and trivia.

Quiz Number: 4414
Date Submitted: April 13, 2012
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, Sports, American Culture, Professional Wrestling
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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1. Who is known as Mr Wrestlemania?
  A.   Hulk Hogan
  B.   Undertaker
  C.   Shawn Michaels
  D.   The Rock

2. Wrestlemania is an annual event that first premiered in what year?
  A.   1985
  B.   1986
  C.   1983
  D.   1984

3. Apart from the United States, what other country hosted Wrestlemania in 2012?
  A.   Ireland
  B.   Mexico
  C.   Germany
  D.   Canada

4. Who, as of 2012, is the only wrestler to lose two Championship titles in the same Wrestlemania?
  A.   John Cena
  B.   Kurt Angle
  C.   Big Show
  D.   Bret Hart

5. Which wrestler, as of 2012, has won the most Wrestlemania matches?
  A.   Undertaker
  B.   HHH
  C.   John Cena
  D.   Shawn Michaels

6. Which wrestler, as of 2012, has lost the most Wrestlemania matches?
  A.   John Cena
  B.   Big Show
  C.   HHH
  D.   Christian

7. As of 2012, which wrestler holds the record for the quickest win?
  A.   Undertaker
  B.   Kane
  C.   Sheamus
  D.   Andre the Giant

8. As of 2012, which wrestler holds the record for winning the longest match in Wrestlemania history?
  A.   Undertaker
  B.   Bret Hart
  C.   HHH
  D.   Shawn Michaels

9. Through Wrestlemania 28 (2012), titles have changed hands aplenty. Which Wrestlemania was the only one where no titles were exchanged?
  A.   6
  B.   14
  C.   27
  D.   1

10. As of 2012, through the first 28 Wrestlemanias, what two wrestlers have faced each other most often?
  A.   Undertaker & HHH
  B.   John Cena & Randy Orton
  C.   Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant
  D.   Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan®   

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