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Trivia Quiz - Hurricane!

Great hurricane trivia in this fun hurricane fact quiz!

Quiz Number: 4365
Date Submitted: March 21, 2012
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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(Image Source: Hurricane Isabel @ The National Hurricane Center)

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1. What is the common term for the center of a hurricane?
  A.   eye
  B.   mid-point
  C.   belly
  D.   mouth

2. What is the first indication that a hurricane may be forming?
  A.   tropical storm
  B.   tropical depression
  C.   tropical circulation
  D.   both B and C

3. Which of the following is not an alternative name for a hurricane?
  A.   cyclone
  B.   typhoon
  C.   tropical cyclone
  D.   twister

4. Hurricanes have a counterclockwise wind flow in the Northern Hemisphere and a clockwise wind flow in the Southern Hemisphere. What phenomenon causes this?
  A.   Copernican Principle
  B.   Theory of Relativity
  C.   Doppler Effect
  D.   Coriolis Force

5. In August 2005, the powerful category 5 Hurricane Katrina slammed into the US Gulf Coast, killing 1,833 people and causing over $100 billion in damage. What Gulf Coast city took the brunt of Katrina's devastation?
  A.   Brownsville, TX
  B.   Jacksonville, FL
  C.   New Orleans, LA
  D.   Houston, TX

6. Which of the following would you not normally find in a hurricane?
  A.   heavy rain
  B.   very strong winds
  C.   widespread hail
  D.   isolated tornadoes when it is making landfall

7. The fastest forward speed recorded by any hurricane was the New England Hurricane of 1938 at approximately 70 mph. What is the forward speed for an average hurricane?
  A.   less than 20 mph
  B.   20 mph
  C.   30 mph
  D.   50 mph

8. What is the strongest category hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale?
  A.   Category 3
  B.   Category 4
  C.   Category 5
  D.   Category 6

9. In which of the following can a hurricane never form?
  A.   Gulf of Mexico
  B.   Florida
  C.   Atlantic Ocean
  D.   Caribbean Sea

10. Which activity should you do when a hurricane warning is issued?
  A.   fill prescription medicines
  B.   finalize your evacuation route
  C.   close your storm shutters
  D.   all of the above®   

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