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Trivia Quiz - The Velveteen Rabbit

This quiz is about the classic book The Velveteen Rabbit!

Quiz Number: 4326
Date Submitted: February 28, 2012
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books, Children's Books
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: perfectfatgirl
Average Score: 76.5 percent
Times Taken: 192 times
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The Velveteen Rabbit
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1. On what holiday does the boy receive the stuffed rabbit?
  A.   Christmas
  B.   his birthday
  C.   Hanukkah
  D.   Easter

2. For the boy, the Velveteen Rabbit replaced what toy?
  A.   Fluffy Cat
  B.   Skin Horse
  C.   China Dog
  D.   White Duck

3. With what illness is the boy afflicted?
  A.   Swine Flu
  B.   Scarlet Fever
  C.   Small Pox
  D.   Measles

4. Where does the boy take a trip to?
  A.   camping
  B.   the seaside
  C.   a park
  D.   the mountains

5. Why does the doctor order the Velveteen Rabbit to be burned?
  A.   he was stained
  B.   he was infected with the boy's sickly germs
  C.   he was muddy
  D.   he was torn

6. Why was the boy given another rabbit?
  A.   because the other was burned
  B.   because he wanted two
  C.   becase he was young
  D.   he liked animals

7. Who tells the Velveteen Rabbit the following, "...once you are Real you can't become unreal again. It lasts for always."
  A.   Skin Horse
  B.   China Dog
  C.   White Duck
  D.   Fluffy Cat

8. Who kisses the Velveteen Rabbit turning him into a real rabbit?
  A.   White Wizard
  B.   Forest Elf
  C.   a travelling magician
  D.   Nursery Magic Fairy

9. In what century was "The Velveteen Rabbit" written?
  A.   18th century
  B.   19th century
  C.   20th century
  D.   21st century

10. Who wrote "The Velveteen Rabbit"?
  A.   William Nicholson
  B.   Margery Williams
  C.   Beatrix Potter
  D.   Louisa May Alcott®   

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