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User Profiles - perfectfatgirl
Registered on February 27, 2012

Alltime Points for perfectfatgirl
Points from taking Quizzes600
Points from writing Quizzes2,000
Points from taking Bio Quizzes40
Points from Writing Bio Quizzes0
Points from playing LightningTrivia10
Total Points2,650

Multiple Choice Quizzes taken by perfectfatgirl (10)
Multiple Choice quizzes written by perfectfatgirl (2)

First Name: heather
Last Name: long
Country: AU
Postal Code: 35188
Favorite Actor: kevin champerlin
Favorite Actress: jenifer aniston
Favorite Sports Star: john cena
Favorite Author: stepheny mayor
Favorite Musician: big time rush
About perfectfatgirl: i'm heather long i live in alabama with my parents and my littil sister and i have a black and gray glitered bengal cat named tiger i love takeing quizes about old tv shows my favorite food is sesemy chicken my favorite color is pink i want to bee an artist
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