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Trivia Quiz - I Love Lucy - Fabulous 50s Sitcom #1

Lucy, you've got some splainin to do! How much do you know about "I Love Lucy" trivia?

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I Love Lucy  Fabulous 50s Sitcom 1
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1. How much monthly rent did the Ricardos pay for Apartment 3B in Manahattan Brownstone?
  A.   $100
  B.   $125
  C.   $150
  D.   $175

2. Lucy gets a little tipsy doing a commercial for a health tonic called Vitameatavegamin. What percent alcohol did it contain?
  A.   23%
  B.   26%
  C.   29%
  D.   32%

3. What was Little Ricky's dogs name?
  A.   Rex
  B.   Ralph
  C.   Fred
  D.   Blackie

4. In what season of filming do the Ricardo's move to the country?
  A.   fifth season
  B.   sixth season
  C.   seventh season
  D.   eighth season

5. According to Lucy, what was Ricky's most annoying habit?
  A.   tapping his fingers
  B.   biting his nails
  C.   grinding his teeth
  D.   cracking his knuckles

6. Which of the following actors never had a guest part on the show, playing himself?
  A.   John Wayne
  B.   Harpo Marx
  C.   William Holden
  D.   Jimmy Stewart

7. Which of the following women did not appear in Episode #117, entitled "The Fashion Show?"
  A.   Jeanne Martin (Mrs. Dean Martin)
  B.   Marilyn Tucker (Mrs. Forrest Tucker)
  C.   Patti Lewis (Mrs. Jerry Lewis)
  D.   Brenda Holden (Mrs. William Holden)

8. Whose footprints did Lucy and Ethel try to steal from the front of Graumans Chinese Theatre?
  A.   John Wayne
  B.   Errol Flynn
  C.   David Niven
  D.   Lloyd Bridges

9. What season do the Ricardos and Mertzes travel cross-country?
  A.   third season
  B.   fourth season
  C.   fifth season
  D.   sixth season

10. According to Ethel, what was Fred's most annoying habit?
  A.   jingling his keys
  B.   tapping his fingers
  C.   cracking his knuckles
  D.   blowing his nose®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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