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Trivia Quiz - I Love Lucy - All About the Actors

See how much you know about the actors and the early years of I Love Lucy!

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I Love Lucy  All About the Actors
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1. What news threw Desi into a tizzy just eight days before the filming of the first episode, nearly cancelling the show?
  A.   Frawley and Vance refused to work together
  B.   Desi was informed that CBS had promised Jess Oppenheimer, the shows producer, a 20% cut in the show
  C.   the producers threatened to change the name of the show
  D.   CBS wanted to cut him from the show

2. William Frawley was the oldest of the foursome, having been born in 1887. Who was the youngest?
  A.   Vivian Vance
  B.   Desi Arnaz
  C.   Lucille Ball
  D.   Beats Me!

3. During the 1940's, Vivian Vance suffered from recurring bouts of what?
  A.   seizures
  B.   asthma
  C.   sleep apnia
  D.   insomnia

4. The basis for "I Love Lucy" came from what radio show in which Lucy starred?
  A.   "I Love Lucy"
  B.   "Lucy and Ricky"
  C.   "The Honeymooners"
  D.   "My Favorite Husband"

5. When the show was originally cast, Lucy insisted that Desi play the part of her husband. The producers didn't like the idea and would have rather cast whom?
  A.   Richard Denning
  B.   William Holden
  C.   Gale Gordon
  D.   Danny Thomas

6. The pilot for "I Love Lucy" took place in:
  A.   1950
  B.   1951
  C.   1952
  D.   1953

7. Lucy's first choice for the role of Ethel was:
  A.   Maureen O'Hara
  B.   Donna Reed
  C.   Bea Bernaderet
  D.   Barbara Pepper

8. When William Frawley was first discussed as a possibility for the role of Fred Mertz, what about him concerned Desi and the producers?
  A.   he had a bad temper
  B.   he had a reputation as a hard drinker
  C.   he was a marginal actor
  D.   he was at least 20 years older than Lucy and Desi

9. How did William Frawley land the role of Fred Mertz?
  A.   he auditioned for it
  B.   he called Lucy on the phone and asked for it
  C.   he was referred by the producers
  D.   he was a good friend of Vivian Vance

10. What didn't Vivian Vance like about working with William Frawley?
  A.   she thought he was a drunk
  B.   he was too old
  C.   he was too fat
  D.   he had a bad temper®   

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