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Trivia Quiz - The Andy Griffith Show Basics #2

You know these and you really know Mayberry! -bill

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The Andy Griffith Show Basics 2
(Image Source: Newsday)

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1. When Otis Campbell got his first car the license plate was AY321. This was the same license plate that later appeared on the car belonging to whom?
  A.   Aunt Bee
  B.   Andy
  C.   Thelma Lou
  D.   Howard Sprague

2. Which one of the following towns is located within thirty miles of Andy Griffith's real life hometown of Mt. Airy, North Carolina?
  A.   Fifeton
  B.   Lawsonville
  C.   Taylorsville
  D.   Crumpler

3. What color socks did Gomer wear for his date with Mary Grace?
  A.   yellow
  B.   green
  C.   purple
  D.   orange

4. Who was the spoiled child who taught Opie how to throw temper tantrums?
  A.   Arnold Werner
  B.   Arnold Wheeler
  C.   Arnold Walker
  D.   Arnold Winkler

5. How much was Andy's fine for fishing without a license?
  A.   $25
  B.   $20
  C.   $15
  D.   $5

6. Charlene's baby girl was named:
  A.   Alexandria
  B.   Alethea
  C.   Andelina
  D.   Angelica

7. What was Andy's home phone number?
  A.   246
  B.   324
  C.   424
  D.   426

8. What was Goober's record time for dismantling a carburetor?
  A.   18 minutes & 12 seconds
  B.   28 minutes & 12 seconds
  C.   38 minutes & 12 seconds
  D.   48 minutes & 12 seconds

9. Who was the "bookie" barber?
  A.   Bill Medwin
  B.   Dan Caldwell
  C.   Leonard Blush
  D.   Henry Bennett

10. Who was Orville Hendriks?
  A.   The butter and egg man
  B.   Mayberry's veterinarian
  C.   The traveling shoe salesman
  D.   The man who bought the cannon from Andy®   

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