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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

This quiz is all about that groovy chick, Marcia Brady of The Brady Bunch! -Bill

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Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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1. According to Teen Time Romance, one way to have a successful marriage is to marry an older man. Who was the older man that Marcia was thinking about?
  A.   Davy Jones
  B.   Star football player, Jerry Rogers
  C.   Her dentist, Dr. Stanley Vogel
  D.   Desi Arnaz Jr.

2. Davy Jones stayed at what hotel?
  A.   Four Terrace Gardens
  B.   The Buchanan Hotel
  C.   The Wentworth Estate
  D.   The Royal Towers Hotel

3. Marcia had a boyfriend who was interested in:
  A.   baseball
  B.   coin collecting
  C.   astronomy
  D.   bugs

4. Why did Marcia fire Peter from the ice cream parlor?
  A.   He gave his friends free ice cream
  B.   He messed around too much
  C.   He didn't show up for work
  D.   He was out of uniform

5. Why was Jerry Rogers, Fairview High's star football player, dating Marcia?
  A.   Because he wanted to steal Greg's football playbook
  B.   Because he wanted her to help him land a job at the ice cream parlor
  C.   Because she was gorgeous
  D.   Because she was best friends with his sister

6. Who was going to be the guest of honor at Marcia's Senior Banquet Night?
  A.   Desi Arnaz Jr.
  B.   A rock star
  C.   An astronaut
  D.   Davy Jones

7. According to Marcia, Desi Arnaz Jr, tops whom?
  A.   Captain Kangaroo
  B.   Davy Jones
  C.   Any boy in her school
  D.   Her dentist, Dr. Stanley Vogel

8. Marcia was sick for the first day of high school because:
  A.   She was hit in the nose with a football
  B.   She had the flu
  C.   She was very nervous about high school
  D.   She had a zit

9. What does Marcia do to prove that women can do whatever men can?
  A.   She joins Greg's Frontier Scout Troop
  B.   She tries out for the boy's basketball team
  C.   She changes the oil in the family's station wagon
  D.   She paints the house

10. Marcia is wrongfully blamed for drawing a less-than flattering picture of her teacher, Mrs. Denton. Which one of her friends ends up being the guilty party?
  A.   Jenny
  B.   Paula
  C.   Ruthie
  D.   Karen®   

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