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Trivia Quiz - Arizona State Sun Devils Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Arizona State Sun Devils' football!

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Date Submitted: September 24, 2011
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Arizona State Sun Devils Football History  Facts
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1. What is the name of the Arizona State Sun Devils' mascot?
  A.   Sparky
  B.   Spanky
  C.   Sporty
  D.   Red

2. What are the team colors of the Arizona State Sun Devils?
  A.   blue and silver
  B.   magenta and gold
  C.   red and white
  D.   maroon and gold

3. What was the only team to defeat the Sun Devils in their highly successful 1996 season in which they posted an 11-1 record? Hint: the loss came in the 1997 Rose Bowl.
  A.   Purdue Boilermakers
  B.   Iowa Hawkeyes
  C.   Michigan Wolverines
  D.   Ohio State Buckeyes

4. From 1969 to 1971, the Sun Devils put together a very impressive win streak. How many games was it?
  A.   21
  B.   6
  C.   30
  D.   49

5. What is the name of the Arizona State Sun Devils' fight song?
  A.   Maroon and Gold
  B.   Devils War Hymn
  C.   Sun Devil Pride
  D.   Hail ASU!

6. Into what stadium did the Arizona State Sun Devils move in 1959?
  A.   War Memorial Stadium
  B.   Sun Devil Stadium
  C.   Memorial Stadium
  D.   ASU Stadium

7. The Sun Devils play for the Territorial Cup in a football rivalry game known as "The Duel in the Desert." Against what team do they play the game?
  A.   New Mexico Lobos
  B.   New Mexico State Aggies
  C.   Arizona Wildcats
  D.   UNLV Rebels

8. Who did the Arizona State Sun Devils hire as their head football coach in 2012?
  A.   Darryl Rogers
  B.   Todd Graham
  C.   Dennis Erickson
  D.   Sam Malone

9. Sun Devil Pat Tillman had a stellar career at ASU in the 1990s. He also played for the Arizona Cardinals. He was killed in action during the War in Afghanistan in 2004. What position did he play at ASU?
  A.   quarterback
  B.   linebacker
  C.   running back
  D.   punter

10. The Arizona Sun Devils' marching band is commonly known as what?
  A.   The Pride of the Southwest
  B.   The Pride of the Desert
  C.   Sun Devil 100
  D.   ASU Maroon & Gold®   

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