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Trivia Quiz - NFL Players' Nicknames: Part 2

Can you match these NFL greats with their even cooler nickname?

Quiz Number: 3979
Date Submitted: July 15, 2011
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 83 percent
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NFL Players Nicknames Part 2
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1. Joe Namath: New York Jets & Los Angeles Rams
  A.   Jersey Joe
  B.   Jumpin' Joe
  C.   Joltin' Joe
  D.   Broadway Joe

2. Walter Payton: Chicago Bears
  A.   Royalty
  B.   Sweetness
  C.   The Streak
  D.   The Ghost

3. Eugene Morris: Miami Dolphins
  A.   Mercury
  B.   Speedy
  C.   Turbulance
  D.   Tight Rope

4. Jack Tatum: Oakland Raider & Houston Oilers
  A.   The Assassin
  B.   The Slayer
  C.   The Terminator
  D.   Buster

5. William Perry: Chicago Bears
  A.   The Mammoth
  B.   The Mastadon
  C.   The Refrigerator
  D.   The Bulldozer

6. Ed Jones: Dallas Cowboys
  A.   Skyscraper
  B.   New Heights
  C.   The Wizard
  D.   Too Tall

7. Billy Johnson: Houston Oilers, Montreal Alouettes (CFL), Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins
  A.   Black Shoes
  B.   White Shoes
  C.   Blue Shoes
  D.   Red Shoes

8. Joe Greene: Pittsburgh Steelers
  A.   Mean
  B.   Nasty
  C.   Ugly
  D.   Terrible

9. Jevon Kearse: Tennessee Titans
  A.   The Craze
  B.   The Oddity
  C.   The Prince
  D.   The Freak

10. Reggie White: Green Bay Packers
  A.   The Minister of Defense
  B.   The Minister of Nasty
  C.   The Minister of Tackles
  D.   The Minister of Sacks®   

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