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Trivia Quiz - Northwestern Wildcats Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Northwestern Wildcats' football history and Northwestern Wildcats' trivia!

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Date Submitted: July 04, 2011
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Author: bill
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Northwestern Wildcats Football History  Facts
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1. What is the name of the Northwestern Wilcats' mascot?
  A.   Charlie the Cat
  B.   Cap'n Cat
  C.   Willie the Wildcat
  D.   Wolfie Wildcat

2. What are the official colors of the Northwestern Wildcats?
  A.   purple and white
  B.   blue and cream
  C.   purple and cream
  D.   purple and silver

3. Who did Pat Fitzgerald replace as head coach in 2005?
  A.   Randy Walker
  B.   Gary Barnett
  C.   Francis Peay
  D.   Dennis Green

4. In 1997, Northwestern's Dyche Stadium was renamed to what?
  A.   Wildcat Stadium
  B.   Ryan Field
  C.   Memorial Stadium
  D.   NU Field

5. For the rights to what trophy do the Northwestern Wildcats play the Illinois Fighting Illini?
  A.   Land of Lincoln Trophy
  B.   Victory Bell
  C.   Paul Bunyan Trophy
  D.   Fremont Cannon

6. What nickname did the Wildcats earn as a result of several close or last-minute victories starting in the late 1990s?
  A.   Cardiac Cats
  B.   Close-Call Cats
  C.   Wow-'Em Wildcats
  D.   Wacky Wildcats

7. What do Wildcat fans do before every kickoff?
  A.   throwing hats up in the air
  B.   passing girls up in the stands
  C.   hands up in the air
  D.   jiggling of keys

8. Who was the first Wildcat player to earn Big Ten Player of the year in consecutive years?
  A.   John Kidd
  B.   Damien Anderson
  C.   Mike Adamle
  D.   Pat Fitzgerald

9. Who was the first Wildcat coach to earn the Big Ten Coach of the Year Award?
  A.   Randy Walker
  B.   Dennis Green
  C.   Alex Agase
  D.   Pat Fitzgerald

10. What is the name of the Northwestern Wildcat fight song?
  A.   The Victory Ballad
  B.   On Northwestern
  C.   Go Cats!
  D.   Go U Northwestern®   

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