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Trivia Quiz - Fishing Songs

What do you know about some of the all-time best fishing songs?

Quiz Number: 3966
Date Submitted: June 29, 2011
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Fishing Songs
(Image Source: Fisherman @ edupics)

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1. Who wrote and performed the 1993 song "Fish On"?
  A.   Primus
  B.   Phish
  C.   Morphine
  D.   Korn

2. On what Taj Mahal album would you find the song "Fishin' Blues"?
  A.   Oooh So Good 'n Blues
  B.   Mo' Roots
  C.   Shake Sugaree
  D.   Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home

3. On which Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album will you find the song "Fishing in the Dark"?
  A.   Gold from Dirt
  B.   Let's Go
  C.   Pure Dirt
  D.   More Great Dirt: The Best of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Vol. 2

4. On what Buck Owens album will you find the song, "Fishin' Reel"?
  A.   Boot Hill
  B.   Buck Owens' Buckaroos Strike Again!
  C.   Hot Dog!
  D.   Rompin' & Stompin

5. Who performed the duet "Gone Fishing" with Bing Crosby?
  A.   Billie Holiday
  B.   Louis Armstrong
  C.   Cab Calloway
  D.   Buck Clayton

6. Who performed the song "Fishin' on the Mississippi"?
  A.   Johnny Cash
  B.   Merle Haggard
  C.   Buck Owens
  D.   Marty Stuart

7. What country singer released the Fishing Song (I'm Gonna Miss Her)?
  A.   Brad Paisley
  B.   Keith Urban
  C.   Trace Adkins
  D.   Colin Rays

8. On what Robert Earl Keen album will you find the song, "Five Pound Bass"?
  A.   Picnic
  B.   West Textures
  C.   Gringo Honeymoon
  D.   No. 2 Live Dinner

9. Who performed the 2000 song "I'm Gonna Go Fishin'"?
  A.   Ivan Neville
  B.   Dr. John
  C.   Jim Ford
  D.   Frankie Miller

10. On what Slim Dusty album will you find the song "A Bad Day's Fishing"?
  A.   On the Move
  B.   Foolin' Around
  C.   Country Livin'
  D.   Looking Forward Looking Back®   

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