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Trivia Quiz - Penn State Nittany Lions Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Penn State Nittany Lions' football history and Penn State Nittany Lions' trivia!

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Date Submitted: August 24, 2014
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Penn State Nittany Lions Football History  Facts
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1. What are the official colors of the Penn State Nittany Lions?
  A.   royal blue and cream
  B.   maize and blue
  C.   navy blue and white
  D.   purple and silver

2. Who did Penn State hire as their head coach in 2014?
  A.   James Franklin
  B.   Bob Stoops
  C.   Joe Paterno
  D.   Bill O'Brien

3. What is the logo on the side of the Nittany Lion football helmet?
  A.   blue lion on white helmet
  B.   blue "P" on white helmet
  C.   white "PSU" on blue helmet
  D.   PSU has no logo

4. What Penn State coach led the Nittany Lions to a 12-0 season in the 1994 including a 38-20 victory over Oregon in the 1995 Rose Bowl?
  A.   Bill O'Brien
  B.   James Franklin
  C.   Bo Schembechler
  D.   Joe Paterno

5. A tradition was established during the 2005 season in which students camp in order to get first row seats in Beaver Stadium. What is the name of this camping/tailgate area?
  A.   Lion's Lair
  B.   Nittanyville
  C.   Blue Heaven
  D.   Nittany Nation

6. In what year did Penn State win it's first Big Ten Championship?
  A.   1994
  B.   1996
  C.   2005
  D.   2008

7. The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Nittany Lion Franco Harris as the 13th pick in the 1st round of the 1972 NFL Draft. What position did he play?
  A.   center
  B.   quarterback
  C.   running back
  D.   wide receiver

8. Penn St. has a big rivalry with Michigan State. Over what trophy do they battle every year?
  A.   Victory Bell
  B.   Apple Cup
  C.   Old Oaken Bucket
  D.   Land Grant Trophy

9. Penn State has a reputation of producing outstanding players who played in a certain defensive position causing the school to adopt what nickname?
  A.   Cornerback U
  B.   Linebacker U
  C.   Safety U
  D.   Defensive Tackle U

10. What is the name of the Penn State marching band?
  A.   Pride of Penn State
  B.   PSU Spirit
  C.   Penn State Blue Band
  D.   Big Blue Marching Band®   

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