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Trivia Quiz - Alabama Crimson Tide Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Alabama Crimson Tide football history and facts! Great Alabama football trivia!

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Date Submitted: November 18, 2010
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Alabama Crimson Tide Football History  Facts
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1. What are the official team colors of the Alabama Crimson Tide?
  A.   orange and green
  B.   purple and silver
  C.   magenta and cream
  D.   crimson and white

2. Who was the first Crimson Tide coach to win 100 football games?
  A.   Paul W. "Bear" Bryant
  B.   Frank W. Thomas
  C.   Wallace W. Wade
  D.   Harold D. "Red" Drew

3. The mascot of the Crimson Tide is an elephant. What is the elephant's name?
  A.   Big El
  B.   Big Al
  C.   Crimmy
  D.   Timmy Tide

4. What is the official fight song of the Alabama Crimson Tide?
  A.   Roll Tide, Roll!
  B.   Here Comes 'Bama
  C.   'Bama Rag
  D.   Yea Alabama

5. Who did Alabama hire as their head football coach in 2007?
  A.   Kirby Smart
  B.   Paul "Bear" Bryant
  C.   Gene Stallings
  D.   Nick Saban

6. What is the name of the Crimson Tide marching band?
  A.   Million Dollar Band
  B.   Crimson Band
  C.   Bear Bryant Band
  D.   Billion Dollar Band

7. Against what team do the Alabama Crimson Tide compete in a game commonly known as the Third Saturday in October?
  A.   Florida Gators
  B.   Mississippi State Bulldogs
  C.   LSU Tigers
  D.   Tennessee Volunteers

8. The Alabama-Auburn rivalry game is commonly known as:
  A.   Gulf Bowl
  B.   'Bama Showdown
  C.   Iron Bowl
  D.   The Big Shootout

9. In 2009, Alabama was forced to vacate a total of 23 football wins from the 2005, 2006 and 2007 seasons. Why?
  A.   assistant coaches were found to have given some players clothing and vehicles
  B.   several players on these teams were later found to be academically ineligible
  C.   athletes were found to have provided free textbooks to students who were not athletes
  D.   recruiting violations

10. Dre Kirkpatrick, Anthony Madison and Ramzee Robinson all were Crimson Tide players who were drafted into the NFL. What position do they play?
  A.   nose guard
  B.   defensive end
  C.   linebacker
  D.   cornerback®   

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