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Trivia Quiz - All in the Family Characters: Michael Stivic

What do you know about Michael Stivic of "All in the Family"?

Quiz Number: 3563
Date Submitted: November 16, 2010
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, All in the Family
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 75 percent
Times Taken: 408 times
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All in the Family Characters Michael Stivic
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1. By what unflattering nickname did Archie address Mike?
  A.   Meathead
  B.   Grapehead
  C.   Doghead
  D.   Butthead

2. In a season 4 episode, Michel is sexually turned on when Gloria wears something that she recently purchased. What is it?
  A.   a new brand of perfume
  B.   a brunette wig
  C.   a sexy nightie
  D.   a sexy choker

3. In a season 3 episode, Archie purchases something for $25 that Michael is convinced is stolen property and worth more like $300. What was the item?
  A.   a leather bag
  B.   a leather jacket
  C.   a watch
  D.   a television

4. While Michael was in college, Gloria worked to help Make ends meet. Where did she work?
  A.   restaurant
  B.   department store
  C.   gift shop
  D.   pet store

5. Michael and Gloria Stivic had one son whose first name was:
  A.   Jerry
  B.   Jimmy
  C.   Joey
  D.   Johnny

6. When Michael's Uncle Alex passes away, he inherets $275. Much to the chagrin of Archie, what does Michael want to do with his new-found wealth?
  A.   donate it to George McGovern's presidential campaign
  B.   donate to a wildlife fund
  C.   purchase a motorcycle
  D.   spend it on a nice vacation weekend for himself and Gloria

7. At the end of the 1977-78 season, Mike landed a job teaching at what California academic institution?
  A.   UC Santa Barbara
  B.   Stanford
  C.   USC
  D.   UCLA

8. Michael Stivic did not appear in the 1982 spin-off series "Gloria," which starred Sally Struthers. Why?
  A.   Michael had left his wife and his son to live on a California commune
  B.   Michael died from cancer
  C.   Michael moved overseas
  D.   Michael revealed he was gay and divorced Gloria

9. What actor was the original choice to play the part of Michael Stivic, but declined?
  A.   John Ritter
  B.   Christopher Lloyd
  C.   Billy Crystal
  D.   Harrison Ford

10. Michael Stivic was a Polish-American born in Chicago, and raised by his uncle. Why didn't his parents raise him?
  A.   the whereabouts of his real parents was unknown
  B.   they were killed in a car accident when he was very young
  C.   early on, his parents gave him up for adoption
  D.   his father was killed in World War II and his mother was too young to raise him®   

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