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Trivia Quiz - The Quick Draw McGraw Show

What do you remember about "The Quick Draw McGraw Show"?

Quiz Number: 3485
Date Submitted: October 17, 2010
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 64.1 percent
Times Taken: 119 times
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The Quick Draw McGraw Show
(Image Source: Quick Draw McGraw)

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1. What type of animated animal was Quick Draw McGraw?
  A.   dog
  B.   cat
  C.   horse
  D.   mouse

2. What animated production company produced Yogi Bear?
  A.   Hanna-Barbera
  B.   Walt Disney Studios
  C.   Justice League Unlimited
  D.   Walter Lantz Studio

3. Prior to getting his own show, Quick Draw McGraw made appearances on two other animated TV programs. One was "The Ruff & Reddy Show." What was the other?
  A.   The Peter Potamus Show
  B.   Top Cat
  C.   Loopy De Loop
  D.   The Huckleberry Hound Show

4. In what year was Quick Draw McGraw given his own show?
  A.   1959
  B.   1960
  C.   1961
  D.   1962

5. Who was the first man to provide the voice of Quick Draw McGraw?
  A.   Daws Butler
  B.   Don Messick
  C.   Doug Young
  D.   Mel Blanc

6. Who was Quick Draw's faithful partner?
  A.   Augie Doggie
  B.   Baba Looey
  C.   Super Snooper
  D.   Boo-Boo Bear

7. In the animated Old West, what was Quick Draw's occupation?
  A.   blacksmith
  B.   cattle rustler
  C.   sheriff
  D.   barber

8. Who was the treat-loving bloodhound who would help Quick Draw and his partner only after being awarded a dog biscuit?
  A.   Snuffles
  B.   Huckleberry Hound
  C.   Snaggles
  D.   Muttley

9. In a series of episodes, Quick Draw would also assume the identity of a masked vigilante. What was this crime fighter's name?
  A.   Masked Rider
  B.   Zupus Loopus
  C.   El Kabong
  D.   Equus Equalizer

10. In the early 1960s, Quick Draw was a mascot for what breakfast cereal?
  A.   Apple Jacks
  B.   Frosted Flakes
  C.   Froot Loops
  D.   Sugar Smacks®   

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