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Trivia Quiz - The 'Burbs Movie Quotes

Do you remember what character said what in the very funny and underrated comedy, "The Burbs"?

Quiz Number: 3448
Date Submitted: August 13, 2010
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies Quote Quizzes
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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The Burbs Movie Quotes
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1. "I find one more - just one - and I'm gonna catch him and staple his ass shut!"
  A.   Lt. Mark Rumsfield
  B.   Ray Peterson
  C.   Ricky Butler
  D.   Art Weingartner

2. "Hey, Mrs. Rumsfield, no tan lines. Looks nice."
  A.   Ray Peterson
  B.   Ricky Peterson
  C.   Walter Selznick
  D.   Dr. Werner Klopek

3. "And I was just remarking to Hans, how nice it would be to meet our new neighbors and here you are."
  A.   Hans Klopek
  B.   Dr. Werner Klopek
  C.   Uncle Reuben Klopek
  D.   Walter Selznick

4. "I think the message to, uh, psychos, fanatics, murderers, nutcases all over the world is, uh, do not mess with suburbanites..."
  A.   Ray Peterson
  B.   Art Weingartner
  C.   Carol Peterson
  D.   Ricky Butler

5. "I've never seen that. I've never seen anybody drive their garbage down to the street and bang the hell out of it with a stick. I-I've never seen that."
  A.   Lt. Mark Rumsfield
  B.   Art Weingartner
  C.   Ray Peterson
  D.   Bonnie Rumsfield

6. "Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have a doctor in the neighborhood?!"
  A.   Bonnie Rumsfield
  B.   Carol Peterson
  C.   Ricky Butler
  D.   Art Weingartner

7. "You, are the one who lives next door..."
  A.   Walter Selznick
  B.   Hans Klopek
  C.   Dr. Werner Klopek
  D.   Uncle Reuben Klopek

8. "Let me get this straight...the Klopeks are offering up Walter as some sort of human sacrifice to Beelzebub?...?
  A.   Dave Peterson
  B.   Ricky Butler
  C.   Bonnie Rumsfield
  D.   Carol Peterson

9. "This is no ordinary furnace."
  A.   Ricky Butler
  B.   Lt. Mark Rumsfield
  C.   Art Weingartner
  D.   Ray Peterson

10. "Smells like their cooking a god damned cat over there."
  A.   Bonnie Rumsfield
  B.   Carol Peterson
  C.   Ricky Butler
  D.   Lt. Mark Rumsfield®   

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