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Trivia Quiz - Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In - Hilarious Sketch Comedy!

How funny was this show?! Just watching Dick Martin would make you crack up! Laugh-in was absolutely hilarious!

Quiz Number: 3378
Date Submitted: April 29, 2010
Quiz Categories: TV Variety Shows
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 72.2 percent
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Rowan  Martins Laugh In  Hilarious Sketch Comedy
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1. Each episode of "Laugh-in" would start with a minute or two of Dan Rowan & Dick Martin standup. What would happen immediately after that?
  A.   "New Talent Time" segment
  B.   "Laugh-In Looks at the News" segment
  C.   they all went to a dance party
  D.   "The Mod, Mod World" segment

2. A segment of the show consisted of female cast members go-go dancing in bikinis, their bodies painted with punchy phrases and pithy wordplay. What was this segment called?
  A.   Can You Believe This?
  B.   The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award
  C.   New Talent Time
  D.   The Mod, Mod World

3. What were the common physical characteristics of each member of the Farkel family?
  A.   flaming red hair and freckles
  B.   blonde hair and blue eyes
  C.   extra long fingers and long noses
  D.   long hair covering their faces and hairy hands

4. The segment "Laugh-In Looks at the News," was introduced by a song and dance chorus line including the female cast members, and often a female guest celebrity. What were the first four words of the song?
  A.   "We know you're waiting for the news..."
  B.   "Have you heard the news?..."
  C.   "Do we have news? Yes, we do!..."
  D.   "What's the news across the nation?..."

5. What segment of the show saluted the actual dubious achievements by politicians or other famous people?
  A.   Can You Believe This?
  B.   The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award
  C.   What a Yutz!
  D.   Yet Another Wacky Weirdo

6. Who was the announcer for "Laugh-In"?
  A.   Arte Johnson
  B.   Johnny Brown
  C.   Gary Owens
  D.   Richard Dawson

7. Who was the white-haired, trenchcoat-wearing "dirty old man" who repeatedly sought to seduce "Gladys Ormphby" (Ruth Buzzi's brown-clad 'spinster' character) on a park bench?
  A.   Tyrone F. Horneigh
  B.   Tyrus M. Hornby
  C.   I. M. Hornee
  D.   Larry T. Hornball

8. Which "Laugh-In" cast member was often tricked into saying "Sock it to me", leading to her being doused with water or otherwise assaulted?
  A.   Ruth Buzzi
  B.   Jo Anne Worley
  C.   Goldie Hawn
  D.   Judy Carne

9. One segment of "Laugh-In Looks at the News" was called "News of the Future," provided by Dan Rowan. Who always introduced Rowan for this segment?
  A.   Lily Tomlin
  B.   Chelsea Brown
  C.   Goldie Hawn
  D.   Judy Carne

10. Many of the cast would say good night at the end of each show. How would they say good night?
  A.   "Good night, Dick!"
  B.   "Good night, Dan!"
  C.   "Good night, friends!"
  D.   "Adios Muchachos!"®   

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