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Trivia Quiz - Sonny & Cher: Funny Musical TV Couple

What do you remember Sonny and Cher?

Quiz Number: 3342
Date Submitted: March 19, 2010
Quiz Categories: Music, TV Variety Shows
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Sonny  Cher Funny Musical TV Couple
(Image Source: Sonny & Cher at Wikipedia)

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1. Sonny and Cher started their career in the mid-1960s as R&B backing singers for what record producer?
  A.   Phil Spector
  B.   Jim Seals
  C.   John Ford Coley
  D.   Quincy Jones

2. What was the name of Sonny and Cher’s first top ten US hit?
  A.   Just You
  B.   I Got You Babe
  C.   Baby Don't Go
  D.   But You’re Mine

3. What was the name of Sonny and Cher’s first and only #1 single?
  A.   I Got You Babe
  B.   The Beat Goes On
  C.   All I Ever Need
  D.   Baby Don't Go

4. Why were Sonny and Cher removed from their promised position of honor in the Tournament of Roses Parade in January 1967?
  A.   They had a disagreement with the president of the parade
  B.   They were not paid enough money
  C.   They sided with young people who rioted and violated curfew on Sunset Strip in 1966
  D.   They booked a musical tour in Europe and backed out

5. Who is Sonny and Cher’s only child?
  A.   Charity Bono
  B.   Chastity Bono
  C.   Charisse Bono
  D.   Chandra Bono

6. In 1970 Sonny and Cher starred in their first television special. What was it called?
  A.   The Sonny & Cher Musical Hour
  B.   The Sonny & Cher Variety Hour
  C.   The Sonny & Cher Nitty Gritty Hour
  D.   The Sonny & Cher Hour

7. How many seasons did fans enjoy "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour"?
  A.   3 seasons
  B.   4 seasons
  C.   5 seasons
  D.   6 seasons

8. After "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" ended in 1974, Cher started her own successful variety series. What was the name of it?
  A.   Cher and Friends
  B.   Cher...By Herself
  C.   Cher Alive
  D.   The Cher Show

9. The divorced Sonny and Cher revived their careers together in 1976 with a new comedy-variety show. What was the name of it?
  A.   Sonny and Cher...Again
  B.   Sonny and Cher Revived
  C.   Revisiting Sonny and Cher
  D.   The Sonny & Cher Show

10. Sonny and Cher’s last television performance was on November 13, 1987, when they sang their hit single, "I Got You Babe." On what show did they perform?
  A.   The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  B.   Late Night with David Letterman
  C.   The Late Show
  D.   The Merv Griffin Show®   

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