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Trivia Quiz - Bette Davis: Her Later Acting Years

Her career had many starts and stops but no one can deny Bette Davis' place in acting history!

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Date Submitted: February 26, 2010
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Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Bette Davis

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Bette Davis Her Later Acting Years
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1. What role did Bette Davis play in the 1962 movie, "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"
  A.   Jane
  B.   Blanche
  C.   Elvira
  D.   Mrs. Bates

2. In which film did Bette Davis play the roles of twin sisters?
  A.   The Sisters
  B.   Bureau of Missing Persons
  C.   Three on a Match
  D.   Dead Ringer

3. In 1977, Bette Davis became the first woman to receive what award?
  A.   Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement Award
  B.   National Society of Film Critics Lifetime Achievement Award
  C.   American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award
  D.   Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award

4. What actress once commented, "Bette always got the roles that I wanted."
  A.   Maureen O'Sullivan
  B.   Olivia de Havilland
  C.   Marlene Dietrich
  D.   Carole Lombard

5. Bette Davis had a life long feud with what actress?
  A.   Barbara Stanwyck
  B.   Rita Hayworth
  C.   Claudette Colbert
  D.   Joan Crawford

6. In 1962, things were a little slow for Bette. How did she stir up new opportunities for movie roles?
  A.   she advertised on television
  B.   she sent direct mailers to a variety of Hollywood producers
  C.   she placed an advertisement in Variety
  D.   she put up a billboard

7. B. D. Hyman, Davis' daughter, published a memoir of her mother in which she chronicled a difficult mother-daughter relationship and depicted scenes of Davis's overbearing and drunken behavior. What was the name of the book?
  A.   My Mom, the Witch
  B.   My Mom, Bette
  C.   My Mother's Keeper
  D.   Bette to You, Mom to Me

8. What singer recorded the 1981 hit single "Bette Davis Eyes"?
  A.   Patti Smith
  B.   Kim Carnes
  C.   Cyndi Lauper
  D.   Linda Rondsadt

9. What was Bette Davis' final movie?
  A.   Death on the Niles
  B.   The Watcher in the Woods
  C.   Wicked Stepmother
  D.   Whales of August

10. Bette Davis has a street named after her in what midwestern city?
  A.   Iowa City, Iowa
  B.   Minneapolis, MN
  C.   Omaha, Nebraska
  D.   Chicago, IL®   

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