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Trivia Quiz - Vlad III Dracula: aka. Vlad the Impaler

Some refer to this twisted psychotic as the original vampire. His post-mortem moniker of "Å¢epeÅŸ" ("Impaler") originated from his execution of enemies by impalement.

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Date Submitted: February 08, 2010
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Quiz is about: Vlad the Impaler

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Vlad III Dracula aka. Vlad the Impaler
(Image Source: Public Domain Image of Vlad the Impaler)

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1. In what century did Vlad III Dracula live?
  A.   14th century
  B.   15th century
  C.   16th century
  D.   17th century

2. Vlad III Dracula was ruler of Wallachia, an area that lies in what modern-day country?
  A.   Romania
  B.   Hungary
  C.   Bulgaria
  D.   Transylvania

3. Vlad III's Romanian surname was Dracula. Loosely translated, what is the Latin word for Dracula?
  A.   weasel
  B.   dog
  C.   dragon
  D.   duck

4. How did Vlad III Dracula ascend to the throne of Wallachia?
  A.   his father and older brother were both killed by their adversaries
  B.   his father resigned the throne to him
  C.   Vlad killed his father and brother
  D.   his father and older brother were both accidentally killed

5. How many different times did Vlad III Dracula rule Wallachia?
  A.   1 time
  B.   2 times
  C.   3 times
  D.   4 times

6. Who was the primary enemy of Vlad Dracula and the people of Wallachia?
  A.   The Christians
  B.   Ottoman Turks
  C.   The Solvaks
  D.   The Persians

7. Vlad the Impaler not only executed his enemies, he often killed his own people. Why?
  A.   to enforce his own moral code upon his country
  B.   to systematically eradicate the old boyar class of Wallachia
  C.   he took pleasure in watching people being executed
  D.   all of the above

8. Vlad the Impaler was a tyrant who took sadistic pleasure in torture and execution. Approximately, how many victims fell at the hand of this cruel ruler?
  A.   10,000
  B.   25,000
  C.   40,000
  D.   up to or more than 100,000

9. Vlad II Dracula was a vile and vicious ruler. What was his favorite method of execution?
  A.   hanging
  B.   impalement
  C.   firing squad
  D.   burning at the stake

10. In the English-speaking world, Vlad III is perhaps most commonly known for inspiring the name of the vampire in the 1897 novel entitled, "Dracula." Who wrote this novel?
  A.   William Thomas Beckford
  B.   Lady Cynthia Asquith
  C.   Mary Shelley
  D.   Bram Stoker®   

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