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Trivia Quiz - Johnny Carson: King of Late Night

What do you know about "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson"?

Quiz Number: 3169
Date Submitted: July 28, 2009
Quiz Categories: TV Talk Shows
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Johnny Carson

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Johnny Carson King of Late Night
(Image Source: Johnny Carson @ Ritz Camera)

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1. Who hosted "The Tonight Show" before Johnny Carson started to host it in 1962?
  A.   Steve Allen
  B.   Jack Paar
  C.   Ernie Kovacs
  D.   Jerry Lewis

2. How did Ed McMahon introduce Johnny at the beginning of "The Tonight Show"?
  A.   Heeeere's Johnny!
  B.   Bring Out Johnny!
  C.   Introducing Johnny Carson!
  D.   My Man, Johnny!

3. After his monologue, what type of motion did Johnny make towards the audience?
  A.   phantom bowling ball roll
  B.   phantom baseball swing
  C.   phantom basketball dunk
  D.   phantom golf swing

4. Not including Saturday or Sunday, what day of the week did Johnny typically take off?
  A.   Monday
  B.   Tuesday
  C.   Wednesday
  D.   Friday

5. "The Tonight Show" was originally produced in New York City. In 1972, the show moved to what California city?
  A.   Malibu
  B.   Palmdale
  C.   Burbank
  D.   Pasadena

6. If Carson's monologue fared poorly, the band would play a song and Johnny would dance. What song would the band play?
  A.   Mack the Knife
  B.   Tea for Two
  C.   April in Paris
  D.   I Got Rythym

7. Carson frequently poked fun at a certain celebrity, inferring that he had a bad temper and ties to the mob. Who was this celebrity?
  A.   Dean Martin
  B.   Frank Sinatra
  C.   Joey Bishop
  D.   Sammy Davis Jr.

8. One of Carson's continuing characters on "The Tonight Show" was a turbaned psychic who could answer questions before seeing them. What was the character's name?
  A.   Magic Carsoni
  B.   Professor Carsoni
  C.   The Great Carsoni
  D.   Carnac the Magnificent

9. One of Carson's continuing characters on "The Tonight Show" was the "Tea Time Movie" announcer, equipped with lavish toupee, loud jackets and a pencil moustache. What the character's name?
  A.   Al Dale
  B.   Art Fern
  C.   Mark Burns
  D.   Bud Ferman

10. One of Carson's continuing characters on "The Tonight Show" was a cantankerous and sometimes amorous old lady, being interviewed by Ed McMahon about elder affairs. What was the character's name?
  A.   Aunt Blabby
  B.   Aunt Daisy
  C.   Aunt Buzzy
  D.   Aunt Dizzy®   

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